My name is Brad Purnell.
I am an Animator at heart but an all-rounder when it comes to creative media, with experience in graphic design, video and digital media.
I love all things creative, and love the challenge of making work that helps explain an idea, inspires, or just down right entertains! I want to make the best work possible, and from my experience this requires a balance of great ideas, well thought-out planning, an efficient way of working and a high amount of attention to detail.
I have worked on projects for world-renowned clients including the BBC, Coca Cola and The Gates Foundation, and on some of the most forward-thinking creative films to come out of collaborations with the RSA and TED Ed
Freelance Animator (Mar 2013 - Present)
     A+B    ETC     Fallon     Jelly     Beakus     Blink Ink    CHI&Partners    CNN     Duncan McLean Projection     Friend London    
     Jam Films    Lisbon    Mother     Mummu     Munky     Nexus     Partizan     Powster     TED Ed    
The Telegraph ​​​​​​​    Tiger Aspect    Trainor Davies    Treatment    Studio YES   

Animator/Editor (Oct 2010 – Mar 2013)
Cognitive Media
BA Hons Animation Arts University for the Creative Arts
Sep 2006 – Jun 2009

Foundation in Art & Design with Distinction Kent Institute of Art and Design
Sep 2005 – Jun 2006
Character design 
Background design 
Mac and Windows 
Video encoding/compression
Office applications
Full, clean UK driving license
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